The Uddiyana-Banda or (the Stomach Lift)


Stand with the knees slightly bent and place your hands, palm down, on your thighs. Breathe in and out, regularly and rhythmically, but fore forcibly and longer each time. Finally exhale and continue to do so until every particle of air has been expelled from the lungs. Now raise the chest high and push out. A vacuum has been created inside your lungs and stomach. As you raise your chest, the atmospheric pressure will push your stomach flat until it all but pushes against your spine. Retain this pose for five seconds, then inhale, Repeat once only.

The Stomach Lift
The Stomach Lift Posture
Therapeutic Value:

This is one of the most effective exercises known for treating constipation and other digestive complaints. It is not difficult unless you happen to have a special flabby stomach or suffer from obesity. If so, you will be doubly benefited in time, for as you continue with the Stomach Lift your muscles will be greatly strengthened and the fat will begin to melt. This exercise should always be done in the morning on an empty stomach. It must never be attempted less than two hours after a meal. After you have doing the Uddiyana-banda for several days, try drawing up your intestine while raising your chest after exhalation. This will require considerable effort. Retain this position for five seconds, relax and repeat once more. When you are able to accomplish this without effort, increase retention time to ten, twenty and even sixty seconds. However be sure to inhale and relax the moment you feel the slightest strain. Better still relax the moment your fell fatigue, if you continue, In time you will be able to do this exercise anywhere, on a bus, train at any time you feel that it may be beneficial.