The Viparitakarani Mudra or (the Reverse Posture )

This is the pose for not only reversing the position of the body but also of time because of the way we receive radiations from both earth and cosmic spaces, the Yogis claim that while standing on our feet we grow old, in assuming the inverted pose we grow younger...


Lie flat on your back, inhaling slowly, raise your legs upward, then supporting your hips with your hands gradually raise the trunk until it rests on the shoulder-blades. The knees should be straight, the legs and toes inclined slightly beyond the head. Breathe in and out deeply and slowly several times, then return to the prone position. Continue breathing deeply until all trace of effort has disappeared. The trick to make this easier is to use your a arms as a counter balances.

The Reverse Posture:
Lion posture
Therapeutic Value:

This exercise, which really requires very little effort, is particularly beneficial because it reverses and increases the flow of blood to the head and respiratory organs. Hence it is excellent for helping cure colds and tonsilitis. It is also known as a great boon to those who wish to restore their youth and vitality, for it helps keep the endocrine glands and internal organs, as well as the skin, in youthful shape. Indian women practice it to prevent early wrinkles and general aging, and also to prevent and cure irregular of painful menstruation and the mental and physical discomforts of menopause. Men, too, find it beneficial, since it is one of the important ways to keep the gonads functioning properly.