Where do we go from here?

Those few words are wonderful but where does this leave us? Well it follows that if we feel good on the inside we will feel good on the outside. By being happy with yourself and you attract other happy people who in turn attract other like minded people and they in turn feel good just like you and so it just goes on.

Hatha Yoga and Keeping Supple

In 1978 I started practising Yoga and over the following years I would miss it out from time to time but soon discovered to my loss my body soon stiffened up. I attended different classes but they were very involved and they used all sorts of jargon which was OK but it was very intense so, I developed a very simple series of stretching movements and incorporated those into my daily routine they only took 15 minutes and they continue to work.

You service your car what about your body?

The National Health is stretched to capacity and they can’t help us if our health deteriorates prevention is always better than cure and so like most machines our bodies need servicing and that is exactly what we must do for you.

Transcendental Meditation

In 1988 I was introduced to Transcendental Meditation, that may bring back memories of The Beatles, for some you older readers so for those lucky youngsters under the age of 40, this was a group back in the sixties who were reasonably lucky they got on made a few quid and moved on. They “ John , George, Paul and Ringo”, well it sounds if I know them personally, were impressed by the Mararishi who introduced them to Transcendental Meditation. This fellow was and still is a very prolific teacher of the art of transcending and has without doubt got a great deal to offer in the way of relaxation. In fact he is so relaxed ,he has made, or rather the organisation around him has made a very relaxed fortune! The great thing is that T.M. Makes incredible sense and without going into all the in’s and out’s of it ,Transcending does really work. I have used it as a tool against stress since learning the technique.

When he came to the west he said that he was giving people diamonds and they were casting them aside as pebbles, until he discovered that if people paid for the learning they would say I’ve paid for it I’m going to use it. He was right! If you are given something usually you don’t value it and I have to say that his bank manager agreed with that statement.

What shall we do now then?

I propose to treat you with Reiki adding just a few little tips as we go. You will lie on a treatment bed which I will bring with me, you will need a pillow for your head, and please wear comfortable light loose fitting clothes so you are not restricted, not that you will be moving around , I do that and by the way my hands don’t touch you at all with the exception of the back of your head , hence the light loose fitting clothes.

We will play some gentle music add a few candles some incense and let the Reiki work, it is advisable to be able to set aside a couple of hours and really its best in the evening so you can relax after the treatment have an early night and wake refreshed in the morning.

Reiki is a cleansing treatment and sometimes during the next few days you may experience a little emotional outpouring this is only temporary , nothing to worry about some clients don’t have any that can be identified as such, If you do, just give me a call and we will sort them out no problem all.

On the What is Reiki? page there are some answers to most of the questions patents ask about Reiki , I am sure you will find them interesting .