Probably one of the oldest healing therapies known to man, massage is an extension of a basic instinct seen in animals and humans alike: apes groom each other, animals lick their wounds, humans rub away their aches and pains. The basis of massage is touch - the most fundamental of human needs; in fact, touch is so important that if it is absent or withdrawn it can lead to all sorts of problems, ranging from failure to thrive in babies, irritability and bad behaviour in children, and depression in adults.

The profound effects

Massage relaxes, stimulates, comforts, soothes, shows caring and empathy, relieves stress, minor illnesses, and improves emotional and physical wellbeing

Swedish massage

Although massage has been around for centuries in Eastern cultures, it didn’t really take off in the west until the 19th century. Under the influence of a Swedish physiologist and fencing master, Peer Henrick Ling (1776-1839), a system was developed that combined massage with physical exercise. This became known as Swedish massage, and is still the basis for most massage practised in the West today.

Massage those figures

While massage to any part of the body helps to firm and tone the flesh, there are specific sequences that can help with particular problem areas. Cynics might say that massage can’t help you lose weight or look slimmer , but this is not entirely true. Although massage does not break down fat, it can improve your self-image and appearance, which in turn will help you to diet. Massage gives you a positive image of your body, which encourages you to carry yourself with more confidence. Many dieters have a distorted image of their bodies and often imagine themselves to be larger and fatter than they really are. Massage can help to give you an indication of your true size .

Massage for dieting

Because massage makes you feel better you take more pride in your body, so you are more likely to stick to a diet, if that is what You Feel is right for You. Knowing that the person giving you the massage is going to notice your weight loss is another incentive to you. Added to this are other benefits to your appearance. By stimulating the circulation massage tones the skin and smooths the body. This improvement builds a positive self-image, which produces more energy, making exercising easier. This is the beginning of the upward spiral and weight will come off more easily, if again that is what you think this is Right for You.

Massage for stress-related problems

Massage is another way of relieving stress, anxiety, and depression and brings you a wonderful feeling of security and happiness.

Stressed-induced insomnia

Insomnia often occurs as a result of stress and a massage can help you break the vicious cycle of tiredness and inability to sleep.


One of the most common symptoms suffered by humankind, headaches can range from tension headaches, usually caused by fatigue and stress, to debilitating migraines. It is thought that most headaches are caused when muscles in the back of the neck and scalp contract and constrict the blood vessels. Massage can help by relaxing the contracted muscles, thereby allowing blood to flow more freely. This results in the headache lifting. Headaches can be stopped in their tracks, and even severe headaches can often disappear after only a few minutes of massage.

All of the above is about helping you to feel good on the outside as well as feeling good on the inside. Again any queries please just ask and together we will resolve them with understanding.

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