The Simhasana or (Lion Posture)

This is the pose for anyone, particularly useful for relaxing the throat...


Squat on your heals, or even sit in a chair for this one. Place your hands on your knees, take a deep breath , exhale and stick you tongue out as far as possible, until you begin to experience a slight gagging sensation. Stiffen the fingers and spread them wide. At the same time open both mouth and eyes wide, tensing the neck and throat. Let the feeling of tension permeate your whole body. Retain this posture for a few seconds then relax, Repeat three times. If you feel you are coming down with a sore throat or laryngitis repeat the exercise five or six times a day.

Lion Posture:
Lion posture
Therapeutic Value:

This exercise helps the throat by increasing the blood supply to it, so that it is better able to resist infection. At the same time the muscles and ligaments of the area are toned and the entire body benefits. This is an excellent exercise for persons suffering from Asthma, Hay Fever enlarged or infected tonsils, and from general susceptibility to throat and upper respiratory infections. It is, of course invaluable to singers and public speakers.